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From the Country to the City, The Fashionista's Blog
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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Video Editing

I recently ventured to try something new in the world of video editing. I tried doing a "voice-over". Oh my gosh! It was more work than I thought! Some people may have another person to do the editing for their videos but I have to do it myself! I use Windows Movie Maker for mine and it can be very "generic". Some video editing software can be very expensive, mine came with my computer so I figured I I'd try it. Anyway, I found out that you can mess up and add the sound at the wrong place! So very out of sync! Like a bad, very bad B-movie! I have seen other videos where the voice-over is done for makeup tutorials and such but you have to pay close attention to know just where to add voice onto the visuals. Even though you can wear a headset microphone to do this, do not let the hands-free bit fool you! You can really get distracted by the possibility of having your hands available to do other things in this world of multitasking. Oh yes! Give me a reason to be able to get something else done in a day that I really need to do as well! Like the saying "a woman's work is never done!"

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