From the Country to the City, The Fashionista's Blog

From the Country to the City, The Fashionista's Blog
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

So December is here and so is the stress that comes from all the holiday shopping, tension and just all the demands that people tend to place on themselves during this time of year. I know someone that every year about this time totally freaks out and almost drives herself into a tizzy of a nervous breakdown. 
STOP IT!!! Why let it stress you out sista? Step back, take a "Me Time" break and just say "ahhh"! So here are some things that I recommend to help you ease into that "me time" break we all so very much need now and everyday of the year!

 This is a great multi-use product! Shampoo your hair, take a wonderful smelling shower or luxuriate in the bathtub! 
This smells like heaven! And it makes you smell like one of the most luscious desserts! Plus these also come in delightful gift sets for holiday gifting! 
 More product reviews to come stay tuned!!!

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